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Meet Pete Moore

Pete Moore

Hi there, thanks for dropping by my site.


I'm an international frontman, recording vocalist, sometimes radio presenter, DJ/Vocalist and an all-the-time corporate & private events specialist. 


I was born and raised in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and enjoyed working and growing with some of Australia's finest musicians.  

I didn't pursue music as a career until well after I left high school, beginning my journey on Drums and occasionally on vocals.  When the opportunity arose to step forward and take on the frontman role, it came very naturally to me and I felt I had found my niche.  You see, the entertainment blood runs thick in our family, way back to the 1930's Vaudvillian era both in Australia and the USA.  I had no choice but to follow on!


After spending 10 years as a Pro in Sydney, I spent 3 years in London, refining my craft as a song-writer and commercial recording artist, but most importantly, gaining some exquisite musical perspective.


Today I am based in the exciting city of Hong Kong.


During my 10 years here I have been involved in a creative mix of

cutting edge events, old school performance and have developed a well-respected entertainment consultancy/agency.


I have a beautiful wife, Naomi, and we're blessed with 3 crazy kids and a dog named Zack.

It's no secret to anyone that I love what I do!

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