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Frequently asked questions

When planning an event, workshopping entertainment concepts, planning logistics for equipment and personnel, contracting and back of house affairs ... I am happy to partner with you and lend my skill set, my Rolodex and experience to ensure a wonderful experience for all.


1. Is it possible for you to perform internationally without taking the whole band?
Absolutely. I have worked internationally for many years, and have a wonderful network of first class musicians all over the globe.
I can put together anything from a jazz trio to a full big band or orchestra anywhere that your event may take you.

2. When planning my event, can we ask for your input?
By all means! Having been heavily involved in brand concept, corporate and experiential marketing events, I offer great insight and logistically sensible (and deliverable!) entertainment ideas.  I often consult on entertainment for events that don't necessarily involve me performing and have headed bespoke entertainment projects from concept to completion.

3. We are having a personal celebration and all the videos look like you only perform at larger scale events.  Do you do small events like weddings?
Weddings, parties and personal celebrations a favourite's of mine.  I can sit with you and we can plan the perfect nights entertainment.  Even if it's not me or one of my bands performing, I often consult on the entertainment for events and production requirements to deliver the concept.

4. What is your booking process?

When we have decided upon the best size and style of band, we will issue an official invoice and require a 50% deposit to lock in the team.  Availability strictly at time of confirmation.  If air travel & accommodation is required, we prefer the client to bundle this in their group booking.


5. Can we sing with the band?

 Yes.    And no ...  let me explain!  If you have STYLUS on your event and you have a feature singer, or a guest who would like to perform, we will discuss with them,  send the music or MP3 and make sure they are up to speed for a stellar performance.  On the other hand,If at the function 10 people decide they all want to storm the stage and scream 'Shook me all night long' whilst having a mosh pit explosion... not so much.

6. Does your band come with a sound system, lights, technical guys, cables and stuff?

 One time saving / stress reducing factor for you is that I can be a One Stop Shop. Unless you have an event where Audio-Visual contractors are already in place, I will bundle everything required.  This will save you time and money and a jammed inbox.

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